typical nintendo memes 1st edition (clean)

typical nintendo memes 1st edition (clean)

a bunch of nintendo memes i positively did not steal from different compilations (heh)

only a few of those memes are mine

My movies are by no means monetized by me. When you see adverts, it is in all probability monetized by some firm.

I solely personal the jokes & edits I(not the others) made.


typical nintendo memes 1st version (clear)

nintendo memes,nintendo,memes,and let’s not neglect memes,that’s all,jk gotta add the characters,mario,luigi,mario once more,luigi… once more,sANIC,sonic i imply,sonic,hyperlink the hedgehog,jk he is not a hedgehog i’ve fooled you all,who’s even gonna learn these tbh,idk what i am doing,additionally most of those are from instagram,only a few are mine

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