Things that women don't tell anyone

We women are highly confidential and fully agree. Women do secret works, but they will never confess, and there is nothing you can do to make them accept. In fact, a lot of women keep secrets, or even tell secrets.

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The secret things discussed here are what all women do and have in common. We're all human beings that women do, but they don't even talk to each other.

one. Put your used bras in the wash basket but then take them off for re-wear.

2nd. Check your tampon or sanitary napkins after use.

3. While outside the ones in reality, make a pad with toilet paper.

4. Take off her bra when we get home. There's no better feeling than that.

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5. Cry when you're on your own for some ugly, for some reason, and sometimes when you cry in the mirror.

6. After round collection, strangely remove long intertwined hair and pimples. This is very satisfying!

7. You will not meet the same people because you can wear the same clothes for 2 consecutive days.

8. Eating a piece of food on your part.

9. Sleep with light at night because you are still afraid of the dark.

10. Never throw pants with a yellow and brown stain, because you know that you will need them during periods, but you will never find them when necessary.

11th. Keep your breasts walking down the stairs. It just feels better, especially if you're not wearing a bra.

12. In fact, instead of washing your hair for days, you can't use dry shampoo.

13. Dance in front of the mirror before going out. After all, it's important.

14. Just shave your legs when you know it's a special place.

15. Make sure you can get rid of any other wear before the day of washing by sniffing the crotch of your jeans and the underarm of the T-shirt.

If there is any other secret that you want to tell us or if you have any of these things, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments .. 🙂


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