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Do you get angry when the waitress pulls out your plate before you finish eating or when someone takes their chair to cover you? Sometimes it seems like these people do things purposefully.

Bright Side Compiled 24 new pictures of some people's weird habits. You will see that you are not one of the 24 people in the picture.

“If you do this, especially with the people sitting in front of you, you're really scary.”

There should be a ban on such dress

The waiter came to get his plate … while he was eating. “

“A hole will do well …”

“My girlfriend is complaining about buying shoes. There are so many more now …”

The door opened and went down the cliff.

Can't understand how he thinks

It must have taken him a long time to prepare this speech.

“The house across the road from me closes their window with the curtain sticking out.”

This guy that took up 4 parking spaces

“Most terrifying bathroom experience I've had”

This guy on the plane

“My coworker leaves a spoon like this every time she uses it.”

“How my roommate has been using the aluminum foil for the last week …”

“My wife bought the wrong size screen protector weeks ago and it just got to bother her. Me on the other hand … ”

You need to be like her.

“My fish burger. I really want to talk to the chef. “

“I just noticed that neither the mirror, nor the lighting fixture was centered with the faucet sink in this hotel room.”

People who open packages incorrectly

“My office put out muffins and someone committed a selfish crime.”

When people do this … Why?

When people leave items in the wrong aisle:

“My mom eats fries, but not the tips …”

“Passed by this massacre on my way into Walmart. Somebody had a terrible time putting their groceries in the car. “

Which annoying habits really irritate you? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Aww, man

Aww, man

I coulda used this as a kid...

I coulda used this as a kid…