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Birthday, Definitely, and Spanish: Not trying to change your mind, I used to feel
the same way but my 2 year old was given a
tablet for their 2nd birthday several months
ago and I’ve done a complete 180. They can
speak 100+ words in Spanish and know colors
and numbers in Russian and Portuguese
and even know a little Mandarin, Korean,
and Japanese; I have taught them absolutely
none of this. They only have access to PBS
content and they’ve learned a mind boggling
amount from it. I stay at home and definitely
spend time playing, teaching, and practicing
with them myself but I’m blown away by their
self-cultivated interest in language. I’d never
have been able to teach them what their
tablet already has. I will admit that when
they first got it there was a battle to establish
that the tablet had a time limit and was only
appropriate in certain situations. By now
they often put in down after 5-10 minutes
themselves and don’t mind if it is taken. They
absolutely watch their share of baby shark
type stuff but I see educational value even in
that. We sing/dance with them but it’s fun for
them to see how others do it and to pick out
what they like. Anyway, I used to be pretty
anti-tablet but am now a huge fan.
Yeah and my 4 month old can speak 7
languages. A 2 year old can barely speak
their native language much less 5
2 year old speaking 5 different languages? Yeah right
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