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Dating, Fucking, and Funny: yveinthesky-deactivated20190127
Every time I read up on why Walmart failed in
Germany again I am massively entertained.
I can recommend it to everyone.
Google "Why Walmart failed in Germany"
Hours of entertainment.
One issue was the chanting. Walmart empioyees are required to start their shifts by
engaging in group chants and stretching exercises, a practice intended to build morale
and instill loyalty. Fiendish as it sounds, Waimart employees are required to stand in
formation and chant, "WALMART! WALMART! WALMART! while performing
synchronized group callsthenics.
this is literally the most hilarious thing ever
This is exactly what happened to Wal-Mart Germany. To begin with, it appointed four
CEOS during its first four years of operation. The first was Rob Tiarks, a US citizen and
a Wal-Mart, Inc. senior vice president who had previously supervised around 200 US
Supercenters from the company headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Not only did he
not speak any German. Due to his unwillingness to learn the language – a view shared
by most of the other US managers that were redeployed to Germany to assist him –
English was soon decreed as the official company language at the management level.
seriously what even
So far Wal-Mart Germany has not succeeded in delivering on the second part of
its value proposition – "excellent customer service" either. By contrast the
company has repeatedly been rated as only just or even slightly below average in
terms of overall consumer satisfaction (Table 7). In our view, this is because
Wal-Mart’s traditional US-centered view of customer service, enshrined in some
of its famous/notorious basic beliefs and rules, is only partly compatible with the
expectations of German consumers. This is in particular true of the famous "ten-
foot-rule" ("three-meter-rule" in metric Germany) and the institution of the
"greeter" (which, in the meantime, have been largely abolished after shoppers
unaware of its key role in Wal-Mart’s service concept had repeatedly complain-
ed that they had been harassed by strangers on store premises). While yielding
i’m laughing so fucking hard ‘harassed by
strangers’ i can’t stop laughing
i’m reading a 30 page paper on this
and it’s hilarious
(in case you’re curious: https:/
this is still so fucking funny, I can’t get
over this. never.
noeded integrator." According to headhunters Wal-Mart Germany’s is widely consider-
ed to be a very unattractive employer, with around one third of its executives- from
store managers upwards- actively secking job offers from other companies. The under-
lying causes are said to include widespread dissatisfaction with their relatively low pay.
purchases. Plastic bags, plastic junk,
plastic smiles. But because the German
My favorite part was how walmart did that
thing where they get a bunch of people to
work a long part time shift, but just short
enough to not be full time, thinking they
could avoid giving employees healthcare.
It turns out you can’t do that in Germany,
so they had to give healthcare to way more
employees than if they had just hired people
to full time positions
You know if you’re going to open a business
in another country it might help to know
a few damn things about that country’s
culture, business practices, and laws.
they also tried to forbid employees from
dating each other and a judge had to tell
them that their employees personal lives are
none of their business Imao
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