How Hairstyle Should Be Based on Women's Faces

There are several hundred shapes that make each person unique. So you need to know what kind of face shape you have, so you know which hair style suits you best, which makeup looks good for you, or which sunglasses you should wear.

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Today we will focus on the best haircuts for your face. The first thing you need to do is take a look in the mirror and determine the shape of your face.

Below, you can see the unique features of each shape.

If it doesn't suit you, keep reading to know if you need to change your hair style.

The most suitable hairstyle for you

Oval face

If you have an oval face shape, you should not wear long, straight hair because it makes you look boring. Such a face looks better with a layered haircut or curly hair.

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Round face

People with a round face should cut their hair at shoulder length, because this haircut will highlight the cheekbones.

In terms of texture, this type of wavy and curly hair is best for the face.

You should have some layers on your hair and avoid blunt cuts, because it makes your face look more rounded.

Heart shaped face

People with this type of face are very lucky because they can try many hair styles.

Heart-shaped faces look particularly good with short haircuts like bob haircuts or popular fairies.

Square-shaped face

Square faces look best with a shoulder-length haircut. People with such a shape usually have larger foreheads, so when they want to diminish their appearance, they should cut off the explosions and put them on one side.

The texture of the hair should be wavy or curly as it will soften sharp edges. Also, make sure there are several layers when cutting the hair, so waves and curls may look better.

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