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Life, Reddit, and Shit: 325
Also my removal count is getting close to that 500
mark,hopefully by the end of this week I will have
met it
Nov 21, 2019
day at 10:35 PM
Hey um, I was checking modmail and I stumbled
upon that large conversation with that admin. Idk if it
was really my place to read it but I just wanna say
that I support you for everything you do. I’ve never
really seen anyone this dedicated to doing something
ever, especially without any pay or anything. You
genuinely care, otherwise you wouldn’t be here at all.
Idk why the admins of Reddit have so many issues
with you but it seems like a shit ton of bs on their
side. They really lack the appreciation for someone
as dedicated as you. So keep doing what you do,
because there really isn’t anyone else better than you
at it.
I’f it wasn’t for you, none of us mods would be here,
this experience of a lifetime wouldn’t have ever
happened, and I’ve got to say I’ve enjoyed every
moment of being a mod here. Being able to be a part
of something like this is in my opinion better than any
religious bogus thing. This is actual contribution. This
is real, so thank you. Also no l’m not gonna drop a
bombshell on you and say I’m resigning, because I’m
not. I really couldn’t imagine my life without all of you
fellow mods.
I’m the boss of dankmemes and the young mods there never cease to make me smile, especially when I need it the most
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