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Crying, Emo, and Family: Being the only fucking emo kid in my school
So you re into emo? Like, My
Chemical Romance and stuff?
Trying to dress like an "e-boy so that girls will
give me a chance but it never works. Nothing
ever works
8mashing pumpkins.siamese dream
"So what’s you favorite movie?
oh god what do i say none of the
other kids have seen these
teen suicide
de snut nwaste yse
Happiness Stops Here..
September 9, 2001
Gary and I were skating at a hospsked me why she wasn’t moving or blinking. They hadn’t closed her
on top of a huge hill overlooking a valley
An ambulance came and took out a dead woman. Gary
eyes yet
She must have died on the way. A car full of family and friends came in with the ambulance
They were all crying and hugging each other. One woman screamed hysterically and grabbed at the woman’s body asking her
to wake up
I had to tell Gary that her soul went to Heaven. I didn’t believe a word of it, but I knew it’d be easier for him to understand
Two days from now, at 9 AM, the planes will hit the World Trade Center killing over 3,000 people
i will tell Gary that there is no God, and all of this is meaningless
But today, there is a God. And he has a plan for him
He doesn’t know it, but a year from now, our family will be torn apart and I willl move far away and won’t see or talk to him for
five years
And as we sit on the hood of our car, the sun goes down and he asks me what I want out of my life. I tell him I don’t know
rhe CROW
Being in the only fucking emo kid in my school starter pack
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