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Children, Fall, and Family: Professional Construction Supervisor
Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity-Hispanic Workers
Over the past several years, there has been an increasing presence of
Hispanic workers on construction jobsites across the U.S
sensitivity and understanding of Hispanic cultural norms serves to better
enable construction field supervisors born in the U.S. to interact and
communicate more effectively. One cautionary note: obviously, there are
no communication patterns or cultural generalities that apply to all
Hispanic workers, just as there are none that would apply to all workers
born in this country. Just to be clear, the items described below do not
apply to every Hispanic worker. Nonetheless, where a general pattern of
cultural norms and expectations exists, an awareness of these perspectives
can still be helpful in a variety of situations that arise in normal jobsite
communication and interaction between people.
Eye Contact
are taught that making sustained eye contact, especially in communication
with an authority figure, is a sign of disrespect. So, for workers who grew
up in this environment, they may be accustomed to averting their eyes
when someone of authority speaks with them.
From a very young age, children in some Hispanic cultures
How are young children raised in this country taught regarding eye
contact in communication with others in authority? Notes
Importance of Family-Love and support of family is very important in
Hispanic cultures (and most other cultures, as well.) Parents will go to
great lengths in seeking to provide for, support and protect family
members. This shared value can be
in making training more
For example, as stated
above, prior construction experience in
other countries often does not provide
an adequate awareness of the safe work
requirements in the U.S. Thus, nailing
shingles while wearing fall protection
harnesses connected to lifelines and
roof anchors may seem to represent an uncomfortable and unnecessary
inlly for workers who have done this type of work in
mident However, making these
Hispanic awareness?
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